August 12, 2013

Watch Kandy Esala Perahara 2013 Live

For the first time in sri lanka you can watch kandy sri dalada perahara live on youtube.

Kandy Esala Perahara (Procession) is happening in July or August in Kandy. It is believed to be a fusion of two separate but interconnected perahara's - Esala and Dalada. Kandy Esala Perahara pageant procession which is thought to date back to the 3rd centyry BC, was a ritual enacted to request the gods for rainfall. The Esala Perahara is believed to have begun when the sacred Tooth Reclic of the Buddha was brought to Sri Lanka from india during the 4th century AD. It is very grand with elegant costumes. it has become a unique symbol of Sri Lanka. The Tooth Relic was take in procession to Sri Lanka by Princess Hemamala & Prince Dantha. It is a Buddhist festival consisting of dances and nicely decorated Elephants. There are fire-dances, whip-dances, Kandian dances and various other cultural dances. The elephants are usually adorned with lavish garments.

Sri Dalada Maligawa Official Web site :

Also you can watch it from your mobile device. visit :

Sri Dalada procession - Live Streaming Schedule
2013-08-11 | 5.30 PM - 1st Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-12 | 5.30 PM - 2nd Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-13 | 5.30 PM - 3rd Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-14 | 5.30 PM - 4th Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-15 | 5.30 PM - 5th Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-16 | 5.30 PM - 1st Randoli Perahara
2013-08-17 | 5.30 PM - 2nd Randoli Perahara
2013-08-18 | 5.30 PM - 3rd Randoli Perahara
2013-08-19 | 5.30 PM - 4th Randoli Perahara
2013-08-20 | 5.30 PM - 5th Randoli Perahara

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